RUSH 2049 / RUSH 2049 SE

This section will deal with a problem that I see quite often. The boards reset intermittently or all the time. Now this can be due to a few problems. One is low or high voltage on the plus 5 volts DC.  As with any Midway / Atari board it is critical that you adjust the plus 5 volts to 5.10 to 5.15. Do not adjust the voltage while reading the voltage at the power supply because there will be a drop in voltage so you can hook up your digital meter leads on the connector that goes to the hard drive this connector is located on the I/O board with the large Jamma harness that hooks up to it. You will see  a 4 pin connector with 2 black and a red and a yellow or orange wires.  The red arrow points the the connector. Put your leads between the red and either black wire.

The second issue that could cause resetting could be the BGA regulator IC that is mounted to a heat sink located on the CPU PCB which is the middle board. When one or perhaps both custom BGA assembly’s start to fail then it will cause the regulator to get smoking hot which will cause resetting. EVEN if it is not getting hot and you do no have resetting issues then I still highly recommend placing a 5 or 12 volt fan directly over the heat sink to keep it cool. (I do have a hard drive fan harness listed on my parts section)This may or may not cure the problem. I have seen this work for a few years. The reason I am showing this to you is because the BGA ICs cannot be replaced which means that the board is not repairable and you will have to find a used board which in most cases will cost over $300.00 if you can find one because it is game specific only to Rush 2049 or Cart Fury and no other games uses this boards.  Check out the picture below that will show how I have mounted the fan. This dose not mean that is how you have to mount it but I have found that this works great and is simple and fast.