(single board system)

I have had a lot of questions on what would be needed in order to add the (NBA Showtime) to this system. The fact is, there is no add on kit to do this. I do, however, sell the kit to do this.

You will need the 3 board set (Vegas system).

I normally stock this 3 board set and always stock the wiring harness that runs from the board set to the control panel. I do not sell the control panel wiring. If you have some experience with wiring, then you should be able to figure it out. I offer very little support on the wiring and installation of this kit because my expertise is in Midway and Atari Logic board repair. There are resources on the internet, such as the sport station manual, that include the wiring diagram.

I have most of the parts for this conversion kit available for sale.

You can use your 8-way joysticks, which are as good as the factory 49 way sticks. You can also use a 2 or 4-player layout, and a standard or medium resolution monitor, so this kit can go in almost any horizontal Jamma cabinet!

Below is a link to the Happ Controls support page which lists downloadable manuals for the Sport Station.