Golden Tee Fore Converter RGB to VGA

This is a GBS 8220 Version 3.0 RGB to VGA converter PCB. I am posting what I have found to work with the Golden Tee Fore boards.


When you have a symptom where you hook this board up and have a great picture for a few minutes and it keeps getting more and more washed out until you cant hardly see the picture then you will need to follow these directions.

Brightness set to 50

Contrast to 52

Sat 49

Sharpness to 05


ST set to 55

SP set to 56


1360 X 768 resolution

That will get you right on or at least in the range to tweak

If you have a picture that shakes then add a 860 ohm 1/4 watt  resister from sync to + 5vdc